In Loving Memory Of:


We suddenly just lot our sweet Mrs. Dozer - wouldn't eat yesterday morning which was a sign something was wrong because she never misses her breakfast. She was very distracted and uncomfortable. Volunteers walked her for hours and I gave her pain meds. We put her in a stall so we can watch over her. At 7:15 pm I had just finished putting her coat back on her as it was taken off earlier because she was sweating so bad...I walked out and President Marty took over and walked out to her - by 7:20 she was laying in the stall, she fell and was gone instantly. Many many hearts are broken here today. My son-in-law and Marty treated her with the most respect possible as it took the two of them over 2 hours to bring her outside. Today, so many volunteers ran to the rescue giving up their Christmas Day with their families to say goodbye to our sweet girl. If anyone has pictures to share, please do! Rest in peace Angel! Past away on Dec. 24th, 2018

Ebony came to us on March 29, 2017 and past on April 23, 2017... We rescued Ebony from Etters, PA - Shows  you what is happening right in our back yards!  Ebony was originally purchased from the Lewisberry Wild Wild West Day  25-30 years ago.  Her owner had her the whole time until she passed 2-3 years ago - the owners son moved into the woman's home and never fed or attended to Ebony.  A wonderful neighbor called us as soon as he saw our Central PA Horse Rescue signs.  The neighbor saved her!  The neighbor snuck grain and hay over to her while the man was  not home.  She had no safe shelter and a small area to live in which was swampy due to a creek running through it - but at least she had water.  We rushed over with food that very same afternoon, got ahold of the owners daughter who said she was always forbidden to go the property by her brother.  She allowed us access to come and rescue Ebony.  I believe Ebony waited every single day for her rescue team to come - when we did - she came to live at the rescue and made many friends.  She probably thought she died and went to heaven upon her arrival.  She lived with us for almost a month and then she quietly passed one evening - and we found her peacefully gone in her brand new shed.  Rest in Peace our Dear Ebony! Our hearts were broken.  She is buried here at Central PA Horse Rescue to live forever - her forever  home.

Rosie came to us on May 13, 2017.  Central PA Horse Rescue received a call from a niece about her uncles horses that were in poor condition and ask if we could save them.

They lived in Bedford, PA - 2 1/2 hours away from us.  We went the following weekend to rescue Rosie, Josie and their little buddy Smokey.

Both girls were in poor condition.  They were living on a swampy pasture where we went into water to our knees..  Never having their feet done and living in a swamp left the Rosie and Josie with the worst feet we have ever seen.  neither could walk without severe pain.

Living on pain meds the entire time - On August 31, 2017 Rosie just couldn't do it anymore... The pain meds were not working.  We  had to relieve her pain and allow the vet to come and put her to rest.  Our hearts were broken.  She is buried here at Central PA Horse Rescue to live forever - her forever  home.

Josie came to us on  May 13, 2017 until today - January 25, 2018

With Josie's back feet of walking on her fetlocks rather than her hoofs, the ligaments just started tearing more in a few days that we had no choice once again to allow her to be pain free.  

The girls are together running with new legs and feet!  Rest in peace my sweet Josie! 

Our hearts were broken.  She is buried here at Central PA Horse Rescue to live forever - her forever  home.

Our hearts have been shattered as we had to let our sweet Princess go yesterday. This poor sweet girl came to the rescue on April 11, 2017 - off of a kill buyers truck. They said her to be about 17 then. she recently had a birthday in April. My poor 18 year old sweet Princess came to us with severe heaves - basically a form of major COPD. She has been ill most of the time here - except in the colder months. Since May - I have had to give her meds 2-3 times a day with 3-4 different meds each time. She didn't like it - but always knew I was just trying to help her. her breathing was unbearable - she was loosing weight the last 2 months due to all her energy going into trying to breathe. Nothing was working anymore but I just couldn't let her go... she was ready - Dr Rogers, my personal rescue vet with Hess Equine came last evening and gently laid our girl to rest. Dr. Rogers has been with me this entire year - seeing Princess and myself through every episode that would last about 2 weeks - until this one that has not changed since May - Dr. Rogers was patient with me and Princess, allowing me to keep trying everything although knowing the end result - but giving me time to see for myself. Bless You Dr. Rogers.. This was one of the hardest decisions I had to come to do because I couldn't let Princess suffer anymore like this. President Marty worked all day making her a bed to rest.... She was loved on all day - which was nothing new - bathed and braided her hair- lots of snacks - we all wore purple for her as purple looked beautiful on her. Thank you Todd and Melissa, Ida and Susan for the beautiful flowers. Thank you to all the volunteers this past year who helped to hand feed Princess every single morning making sure she got her allergy pills that were mixed in her food that she would toss around and throw on the ground for all of us to find and hide back in her bucket along with her weight booster and grain...Thanks to everyone for always making her feel special - rubbing her vicks every day on her chest, spine and nose - thank you to Toni and the girls for mixing her up an essential oil calming spray that we sprayed on her a few times a day - Princess was blessed by so many - she was definitely my favorite little girl - because I had to do so much for her - I could never leave the rescue - besides the fact of having so many horses here to take care of - Princess has always been needy and always on a medicine schedule - I feel lost today that I'm not getting meds ready continuously for her and hand feeding her this morning. My heart has been crushed into a million pieces. Rest in Peace my Sweet girl - I will miss you so very much... We all will! Thank you everyone for your love and support. Please remember us here at Central PA Horse Rescue - please help us save more Princess' by donating to gave her an extra year she never would have had filled with love and new friends...And allowed her to pass with gentle hands and dignity. Love you girl!