C.P.R. horses have had at least 30 days intensive training in basic groundwork and training on the trail by our master trainer and director Trevor Johns and other trainers all using the Clinton Anderson method. C.P.R. horses are respectful, obedient, and safe! New owners are happy! 100% of C.P.R. adoption fees (tax-deductible) are used to save more horses.


Reba: Mare

Age: 17

Height: 15.2 hands

Herd Status: N/A

Training: N/A


Dillon:  Gelding

Age: 18

Height: 15.3 hands

Herd Status: Gets along with everyone                                                         .                                        

Bella: Mare

Age: 5

Height: 13.2 hands

Herd Status:  very shy and is learning to trust        .


Wyoming: Mare

Age: 12

Height: 15.3 hands

Herd Status: N/A

Training: N/A


Dillon:  Gelding

Age: 3

Height: 15.1 hands

Herd Status: A bit skittish but is taking to training very well.

Hope: Mare

Age: 14

Height: 14.3 hands

Herd Status: Gets along with everyone but prefers mares